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The Detox diet is an actual process called “clean philosophy” which means: remove, regenerate, and detoxify. Its final aim is boosting metabolism, strengthening the immune system, and restoring a state of well-being of our body, thus preventing the signs of ageing.

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

A lack of physical activity and essential nutrients, junk food, energy drinks, fatigue, psychological stress, environmental pollution and drugs, lead to excessive exhaustion of our vital organs. That is why body cleanses have several multiple benefits.

Detox Plus + Retreat is a cleansing & purifying detox retreats which had been designed to gently detox guests, improve energy levels and leave them feeling happier, healthier and recharged for the year to come.


 Detox Plus + Retreat include daily meals, daily fitness classes and daily spa access.

Detox Plus + Retreat gives guests a physical and mental and emotional cleanse. Combining with detox therapies like colon cleansing and skin brushing, with holistic activities like yoga and meditation and coaching.

"Your own True Self Awarness is the real gift you give to your self"

Mohamed Essa

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