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Connect To Your Inner Self
Detox Plus + Retreat

relaxing havens built in harmony with nature.

Image by Jehyun Sung


DETOX PLUS + RETREAT is a mind, body, and spirit retreat works on the human consciousness by applying a holistic model designed by Master Instructor Mohamed Essa. This model is based on more than 25 years of experience.

DETOX PLUS + RETREAT aims to guide people to a conscious way of living to attain wellness by living with a sense of purpose that is tune with Mind, Body, Spirit, Nature and Community.


Our model consist of Spa, Fitness, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Yoga, Nature, Beauty, and Healthy Food, all brought together in a harmonious alchemy.

Detox Plus + Retreat will be a great motivation for change, and you will have experts on hand to monitor and guide you and to impart their wisdom. We have a host of great places, all of which we have reviewed in-depth, at which to detox.

Remaining true to the “flower of life” philosophy which represents our interconnectedness and inseparability from nature and community, these places offer a gentle route to detox or deep body cleansing - they will allow you to pause, to reset and to breathe deep, learning new habits that will help you both physically and mentally.


Whichever one you choose you will feel lighter, brighter and energized.

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Helps You With The Weight Loss

Low-calorie leafy greens do not contain any fat or cholesterol. Still, they have high water content, vitamins, minerals, and nitrites, which help your body burn fat cells therefore lose excess weight.

Improves Nutrient Absorption

Absorbing nutrients properly is very important for your optimal health. Eating raw green salad can enhance nutrient absorption. During Green Salad Detox, you will begin to  notice the positive change in your overall well-being.

Increases Folate Levels

Folate deficiency can be seen commonly due to inadequate and unhealthy eating habits. Green salad sand juices prepared with spinach and lettuce carry high folate and can increase your folate levels.


Boosts The Enzymes

Your body needs enzymes to trigger your metabolism and to break down fats and carbohydrates. Dark, leafy greens carry rich enzymes to support your digestive health and boost your body’s digestive process.

Lowers Cholesterol

Unlike animal source foods,dark greens and raw vegetables do not contain cholesterol.The Green Salad Detox will lower your cholesterol levels and prevent complications in your body due to high cholesterol.

Cleanses The Liver

High amounts of chlorophyll in the dark, leafy greens triggers the liver to eliminate toxins and prevents liver diseases. Once your liver is activated, it helps to cleanse the colon and detoxifies the body.